Sunday, February 22, 2015

Powder wagon

Started on the powder wagon today. Only a frame so far but feels really good already, just the right size. Big enough to handle details but small enough to make room in the shelf. Several ´buns in the oven´ right now, but I don´t care, I work with what feels right at the moment. Royal Arsenal has an ´arsenal´ of nice vehicles to build .. This is just a start.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First wagon

Today I added posts to the I-wagon frame I showed you yesterday, also floor and sides. There could be added many more details to it, but this is mainly an experiment to check measures and to get a feeling for it, so this is basically it. Also, I am still waiting for the kadee couplers and the new bogies, so not much point in going further until all that is sorted out and working.

Here I am soldering posts to the frame.

assembled from the side.

loaded with "match boxes" ..

the bogies looks much better painted.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Found the wheels

Found the wheels finally ..

These come in several pieces in a little bag. They are in O scale from Athearn #90803. Six tiny coil springs on each bogie to put in place when assembling. Workable but very fiddly.. The size is just right and the wheels very easy to adjust to correct gauge. Compare with the S scale bogie next to it, which is way to small.

Also put together a little I-wagon frame with measures from the swedish HBJ (Hamra Works Rwy). It´s a small 600mm gauge line and not even close to british 18in, but I found it looking around for the wheels and I like it, so I made it.. :)

Looking on these pictures it clearly shows that even if the size is right, there is a lot more to it, before they get a believable 18in line feeling. I had hoped these bogies could be used at least a few, but probably only the wheels will be. Still lots to do, but I really need the new 3D printed bogies before I can complete a wagon.

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